down here and up above

Worship for the in-between spaces.....

Enter The Worship Circle writes modern music out of the Heart of The Psalmist for your everyday journey with God. Reemerging in 2016 as a duo, Ben Pasley and Karla Adolphe take the helm as prophets and storytellers, commanding the stage in worshipful and proclamatory experiences.

“We were established before the advent of the modern worship movement,” says Ben Pasley, the founding member of the Enter The Worship Circle franchise of albums that debuted with songs like You Are So Good To Me (later re-recorded by Third Day and went to #1 on the CCM charts) and I Will Not Forget You (later re- recorded by Paul Baloche), “and our song were built on the Psalms where the everyday struggles of the human experience were sung as a healing experience for the whole community.” Their first release in 1998 was met with incredible enthusiasm and sold 70,000 CD’s before the advent of digital music online.


About the new album

Enter The Worship Circle has been and continues to attract worshippers and Jesus seekers with their proclamatory and genuine Psalm-inspired music.
The songs on the new album are built in this tradition and are “stolen” (which is how Pasley likes to put it) and contain the same authentic language as all their albums in the past, but this album takes the musical intensity to a whole new level. Ben and Karla invited seasoned musicians in every part of the production to build sounds with soaring romance and anchored them pop beats, 808-heavy bass lines, and electronic precision. The heart is the same, but the music is at a totally different level. It is like someone crushed the wild soul-country of the Civil Wars together with the pop rhythm instincts of Bieber or Lorde. Take the track Tear the Veil, for instance, which starts with a refrain that echoes the country mountains of Appalachia, and then, without warning, an 808 heavy track drops so strong that the windows in your whole car vibrate and you literally say aloud, “Oh, yeah, now we are going somewhere!”

The new intensity in their tracks seems to harmonize with the way the both communicate on stage. “To us,” Karla adds, “all album production has one real purpose and that is to give us a way to get on the stage and sing for people!” Ben and Karla excel as performers and their veteran-ship on the stage, which spans several decades at this point, shines through where nothing is lost between the album and the stage.

Enter The Worship Circle is back--their voices are still overflowing with the human struggle to engage eternal things while their music is carrying us right along with them!

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