We hear you loud and clear! No need to press any more buttons or pull any levers. Over the next few days and a handful of emails we are going to guide you through the process of booking a concert specifically focused on reaching out to the greater community, promoting songs of hope for the marginalized, and welcoming people of all shapes and sizes into a worship experience.


The emails that coach you through every step are still a'coming, but if you want to get it done fast this page consolidates the whole process: 

Let's choose a date.

Let's choose a date, or a couple of dates, that seem good for a concert event. Double check your local and national event calendars. and then click below to reserve the date (we can flex later).   The link below will lead you to make a $500 deposit to help you reserve the date and help us book our travel, we will confirm with you before finalizing our travel plans of course. This is the step that will require a financial decision in order to reserve the date: we will guide you through your options.

The concert venue.

Let's find the right venue.  We generally look for a venue that seats between 75-150 people, includes great parking, some good sound and lighting capabilities and is easy to find for your community. Got an idea? Let us help you prep the venue and set it up just right with our handy online guide and checklist.

Lodging and food.

Please provide two hotel rooms for our overnights with you. This will let us rest and prepare for the times we are fully engaged with your community or on the stage. We have also created a checklist to help provide meals as well, and we thank you in advance for your care for us.


Promoting the event is a team effort.  We are going to help promote this event with our social media networks on Instagram and Facebook, but more importantly we will personally call our close friends/leaders in the area and tell them about the concert. We want to ask you to do the same thing ... personal invites are always the best! We have created a great online guide for you to use (and one that you can share with your whole team!) that has clear checklists, links to photos and media, and sharable links that will help you build killer emails and social shares. Ready?


Wow, you are almost done! Congrats! This is the final planning email before we arrive for the concert event.  To be clear, every blue button (the huge blue ones) on this page are linked to planning guides that we consider absolutely essential to our agreement. If you missed any please jump back in and let's get them all on file, once done, we consider our agreement complete and we are ready to come and be with you. This last guide linke will give you quick resources to fire up your prayer team before the event, and to plan for the financial gift the night of the concert event, usually in the amount of $1,500. We are going to show you how to conquer that if you have any concerns ...

Please, please call at anytime with questions or even just to chat and pray about our upcoming event together.

Ben Pasley 719.633.2515
Karla Adolphe 403.603.8079