Please share to help us.

We would be so honored if you would make a donation, right now,  to put your hand on our shoulder and say, "I believe in you." What we do has always been more than just selling music to make a living: it is first to love others freely with the gifts we have been given. Your donation will be a wild encouragement for us. Whether you are giving to support a concert event, to express your appreciation for what our music has meant to you over the years, or to invest in us as like-minded believers ... we will be so very thankful! Any gift counts, and every gift will be deeply appreciated!

Sharing our story in video

This short documentary is helping to introduce people to our new season as Enter The Worship Circle. Our present ministry theme is #myunfinishedstory, a kind of marker that lets us share how God walks with us through the times when things END, but is always planning a new season of BEGINNINGS. We think this important, redemptive, message is our key to sharing our hearts during this season.


Sharing a special song

It is so exciting to share with you a song before anyone else has had a chance to hear it! Our first single, slated to be released by the end of August, is called Tear The Veil, and it is a study in one thing, a simple hunger for the presence of God.  The eureka moment, we think, is that when we reach upward toward God we find that Jesus has been tearing down the heavens to get to us all along!


Sharing our thoughts

Hi friends, this is Karla, I wanted to take a moment to say both hello and thank you!  Many of you have shared your excitement with me about this new season I am in with Enter The Worship Circle, I really appreciate it!  I am having so much fun meditating on the heart of the Psalmist, and the powerful theme of #myunfinishedstory.  Daily I am discovering talents and passions I never knew I had which have been deposited in me.  I think that is the key in a season of redemption, knowing that God is fiercely committed to revealing the deposit that He has put within me, the very reflection of who He is in my life!!  I find myself in prayer many times a day asking God, how can I best encourage our tribe with the message of redemption, these songs and the unfinished story?  Thank you for donating to this work and ministry!