I would like to introduce you to an amazing new product from the LoopCommunity called Loop Kits. A Loop Kit (I am going to give you a free one just for stopping by ... keep reading!) is a ready to use Ableton session where you can trigger the same loops we use live when we perform the album Down Here and Up Above. Many more Loop Kits are on the way, and this should be a huge gift to those of you, like us, who want to be in control of the flow of our live set by droping beat-based loops right where we want them. We just didn't think we could ever play with a linear "track" and many of you leading worship on smaller stages know what we are talking about. An overview of how we do this, and song-specific tutorials follow!

We drop loops on the stage by using a Looptimus footpedal to trigger Ableton. Ableton, in turn, changes the patches on our both of our TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 pedals where all our vocal and guitar processing happens; this means we can change tones and effects every time we drop a different loop. Then all the audio from the pedals and from Ableton are mixed using our Presonus Studio 192 and sent back to our Voicelive 3 pedals for in-ear monitor mixes, and to the house as separate lines for mixing.

Loop Kit Tutorials

We have worked hard to create tutorials for each of the songs on our latest album, and to show exactly how we use the Loop Kit. The chord charts for every song, and link to the actual Loop Kit are included under each tutorial, but remember: I am going to give you one Loop Kit for FREE!

Ben Pasley introduces the song Standing on the Sun and gives a tutorial on dropping loops in live performance. Find it at Here is the PDF chord chart.

Ben shows how to use the Loop Kit at the LoopCommunity to drop loops and play the songs from the album Down Here and Up Above. Chord chart download.

Ben Pasley shows how to use the Loop Kit with a song from the new album from Enter The Worship Circle: Tear The Veil. Free chart!

Ben Pasley shows how easy it is to use the Loop Kit from to play the song Heavenly Things live! Get the charts.

Ben Pasley shows how to use the Loop Kit from to play the song Tie Me Down! Here are the free charts.

Ben shows how to use the innovative Loop Kit from to perform the song You Will Remember live! Here is the free chart.

How about a free loop Kit!

We want to give you the Loop Kit for the title track from our new album: Down Here and Up Above for free! No kidding. No catches. Go to this page, add the Loop Kit product to your cart, and use the coupon code: ETWCKIT

Loop Kits are going to revolutionize modern worship leading, and we believe it so strongly that we joined hands with LoopCommunity to premier this first product in the line, but this has always been in their hearts! Expect many more Loop Kits ... coming soon!

If you want to go even deeper into the meaning of this album, and to meet the artists behind it you have to learn about our new VIP Collection. Enjoy.


  • Q: Are you the guys who wrote the song You Are So Good To Me that was later recorded by Third Day?
    A: It's true, that was on our first worship album released in 1998.
  • Q: Did you take the rack ears off of the Presonus Studio 192?
    A: Yes, and we would like to apologize, as we sure they won't approve of that, but it was the only way to get that thing to fit in the vintage Samsonite attache'.
  • Q: Is this album available for purchase?
    A: So glad you asked! Absolutely. Here are a few links to get you started: our store, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.

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