I often look down on myself. I know I am not supposed to, but I still do. Does this ever happen in your world?

The song Heavenly Things was written to be an antidote to a poor self view. But, do us a favor, before you listen to it you have to ask yourself this question, "Do I intend to argue with God about how he sees me, or do I want to agree with him right away?" If you want to hear us have a short chat about this struggle enjoy our new podcast! We were reading Psalm 29 in the New Living Translation when we were first inspired with the idea for the song. The album is called Down Here And Up Above and is available in our store.

We recently created a video, featuring the song Heavenly Things, from the beautiful contributions of our community. Enter The Worship Circle has always been known for collaboration and interactivity with our fans and friends. Including you--our visually creative friends--in this new video was a real treat for us!


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