In order to keep my sanity I walk everyday.  Daily walking immerses you in the incremental changes that occur in each season.  Summer is my favourite season and you guessed it autumn is my least favourite!  I know many of you are pumpkin spice loving, sweater-weather fans and are now no longer my friends, its ok I am used to the division this statement creates.

Here, in Alberta, we can get snow as early as August so often the leaves can fall off the trees even before they fully turn colours.  This year they are holding on with a fierceness that is inspiring, I have never seen them last so long!  

Does the beauty of autumn inspire you, teach you?  What does death in the natural teach me? Do the little daily deaths and struggles we face end up looking like these forests, does this all add up to something beautiful?  These organic and ancient guides are teaching me the texture of letting go, creating a tapestry of submission. Simply put, it is death on display; layers and layers of surrender.  

Could this be what the Psalmist is talking about when speaking of a peace that quells anxiety?

Psalm 94:19 (NIV)
When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.

The tree-cycle calls out and encourages us to embrace the wisdom found in seasonal rhythms.  The ebb and flow of productivity crashes with my internal pace which demands constant, regular output, which then can lead to tremendous inner anxiety.   

Here are a few journal questions to help us in our journey:

1. What is easy to let go of?
2. What can I let go of that will add texture to my story?
3. How can I stop and appreciate the beauty of what is dying in my life?
4. Where is there peace in my journey right now?