Just in-between the edges of the traditional Church and the new spaces created by the missional Church is a beautiful space where amazing things are happening. In some ways this has also created a "gap" between the sound and content of mainstream music of faith, and the kind of music that we might listen do in our daily lives. We want to sing "into the gap!"

Enter TheWorship Circle has always blended a love for the family of faith with a warm welcome for those who feel marginalized and unseen, and our new concert season reflects this commitment. If this inspires you, then find out more about booking!

Maybe you have questions like:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Do I have to be an organizational leader?
  • How far ahead do we plan?
  • Should I wait on a professional to do the promotions?

The answer to all these and more are delivered as soon as you fill out the super short booking interest form here.

P.S. Look forward to unfolding this conversation about worship for those in the margins in coming episodes!