Resting is something we do in agreement with God, not in opposition to him. In Exodus 31 the commandment to rest was made crystal clear, and its requirement made absolute. The day of rest underscores how much God wants us to rhythm with him: he worked six and rested the seventh. He asks us to join him. 

On August 16th, we (Karla and Ben) are entering a three week rest until September the 6th. We have worked very hard for over a year since we re-launched the creative work of Enter The Worship Circle: planning, booking, recording, writing, designing, traveling, etc. etc. and now it is time to take a rest and inhale. 

We don't just want to let momentum carry us along, and as you know, the direction our momentum carries us is not always the way of God for the next season. So we rest for three awesome reasons, and we ask you to pray for us and consider us as we do:

1. We need a restful break. Cool the jets. We literally just need to take a moment to sit down, inhale, and remember what an incredible year we have just enjoyed.

2. We need to shut down the busy. Stop the machine. In this pause we are going to listen carefully to God. In this place of "no motion" we hope to hear him in a unique way about what he is thinking about us. 

3. We want to move into the next season with a careful sense of assignment. It is one thing to just decide to do a thing, and another to hear God give you an assignment. We have been stirred toward the people at the edges of the traditional Church, the "gap", but we are listening to know how to best love them next? 

You are some of our favourite people and we know you are praying for us, thank you! If you would like to encourage us during the break please do! Drop into our Facebook Page and leave a comment, or send us an email if you like. We welcome your prayers, encouragements, and insights.

Ben + Karla