The First Circle, Second Circle, and now Third Circle are now back in wide release!

The Third Circle album is now available everywhere music is sold, including streams like Spotify, and  AppleMusic. Over the next few weeks we are re-releasing all 9 of our Classic Collection  ... including some previously unreleased songs!  

Stephen Roach who was a featured performer on the Third Circle is an incredible percussionist and thought leader in faith and creativity, joins me on the phone for an interview...

Stephen has some great new projects rolling that you must go check out. The first is built around the arts and faith called The Breath & The Clay. They just wrapped up an annual gathering, and we recommend you consider attending in 2018. Also, you must subscribe to this podcast called Makers & Mystics, available on iTunes, and here some great interviews where Stephen is stimulating new creativity, new challenges and new conversations around art and our journey with God. All his music is incredible and complex and thoughtful. Here are a couple pictures from our time together in Southern Colorado recording the Third Circle featuring Stephen when he still had the hair of Samson:

Also featured on this album were the incredible talents of Kate Hurley, and Barry and Michelle Patterson who we invite you discover as they are always creating new and amazing works.

Vinyl on the Way!

Within a few short weeks we hope to create the master for the new "best of" vinyl, a special collector's edition of your most loved Enter The Worship Circle songs, and we need your help! We want you to help us design the vinyl. Help us pick the name of the album. Help us pick the songs. Help us create the cover. The time is now, PRE-ORDER BY JULY 1st and get your name on the vinyl jacket as a "Vinyl Designer", get the vinyl for only $40 PLUS shipping.