All our songs back to streaming ... and ... hold the phone
On vinyl, too?

We are pleased to announce the newly remastered First Circle, featuring favorites like You Are So Good To Me and I Will Not Forget You, is now available everywhere music is sold, including streams like Spotify, and  AppleMusic. Over the next few weeks we are re-releasing all 9 of our Classic Collection  ... including some previously unreleased songs! Have you heard Psalm 19 from the First Circle album? Not everyone has.

And, I know your head is exploding, it is true: we hope to release a "best of" vinyl, a special collector's edition of your most loved Enter The Worship Circle songs, and we need your help! We want you to help us design the vinyl. Help us pick the name of the album. Help us pick the songs. Help us create the cover. Pre-order yours now and get your name on the Executive Producers credit list!

Robin was just telling me this morning on our podcast recording that she remembers the exact moment when we came up with the name "Enter The Worship Circle" for this musical experiment ... driving down I-30 in Texas probably toward Tyler. We did so much with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) back in the day, it was probably a trip out there to see our friends and play a concert. The reason the name was so odd for a worship album, both back then and even today, is for one reason: we have always had those who don't go to Church, those who are still searching for God but who have not landed yet, in our hearts. We wanted a name that would be inviting and curious. Language is so important, and it is not about hiding the message of Jesus, just introducing the message with some measure of courtesy, intrigue, maybe even mystery. So nothing new age to see here, just a creative experiment by some folks who wanted to allow the conversation of the Psalms to weave a warm welcome just for you. You are welcome to join us as we pursue our own conversation with God. Bring you fears. Bring your questions. Bring your curiosity. Let's go together ...